Learn how to collect, structure and analyze information to make strategic decision-making in business with an online business analytics certification. This online course will help you develop your skills in computer and data science as well as project management, business communication, and more while developing the skills employers value.

Analytics tools for business can reveal more than the results of data analysis. They can help you understand the reasons these results were observed, pinpoint potential problems and alert you to unexpected events, and forecast future results based on decisions you might make. Tools for business analytics can help you comprehend the entire picture and increase the efficiency of your operations.

In the ever-growing universe of data business executives increasingly rely on data and analytics to make informed decisions about products, services hiring processes, marketing campaigns and strategic planning. If you don’t use the proper business analytics software this data could be overwhelming.

Business users don’t require a lot of training to use the most effective business analytics tools. SAP’s BusinessObjects, for example, provides a wide range of business intelligence apps that are designed to be used by users with less technical skills. It can also be used to develop predictive models, without the need for advanced programming skills. Other popular business analytics tools include IBM Cognos, Tableau and Chartio.

In today’s highly data-driven economy business analytics are the key to gaining a competitive advantage. These programs will provide you with the tools you require for taking your career to the next level.


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