Business computing is the application of different technologies to meet the demands of business information. It is a mix of the fields of business and computer science. It may also contain some aspects of advanced computing. Graduates are qualified for careers in the business world working on computing/technical matters or in the IT field.

The course is strongly grounded in the real world, with guest lecturers from industry and engineering partners sharing their perspectives on real-world business issues. You will have the opportunity to work on real-world scenarios that apply your technical skills to real-world issues. Over four years, you will develop a wide range of IT and business abilities. From designing software to analyzing data to offer business with innovative solutions.

During your first year, you’ll study subjects like marketing and accounting as well as gain hands-on with the most recent IT and computing technologies. You’ll hone your IT and business skills to prepare for your placement year, that could be on-campus or at one of the many partner companies across Kent and London. You’ll get a unique blend of business and IT expertise that can lead you to many options for careers, including web development, software development customer service, as well as data analytics. Former graduates have worked for companies like Accenture, BP FDM and Spotify.

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